1. Shut down your computer.
2. Unplug the power cable that supplies power to the antenna.
If you have a wireless router, unplug power to that unit, as well.
3. Wait approximately 10 seconds and then plug the equipment back in.
4. Restart your computer.
5. At this point, the antenna will reconnect to the tower and this can take up to five minutes for communication to be reestablished.
6. If rebooting was unsuccessful, give us a call at 951-541-0443 from 8:30am-5:00pm M-F.

Q: What is Wireless Broadband technology?

A: Wireless Broadband brings highspeed Internet into your home or business using radio waves instead of a phone line or a cable TV line. NO PHONE LINES OR CABLE TV LINES NEEDED!

Q: How Fast is a MtPalomar.Net Internet connection compared to my current phone line dial-up account?

A: Our service has a maximum upload and download speed equal to a 6MB download and upload but subject to distance from our antenna, your location within our coverage area, latency on the Internet, etc. Our backbone is directly connected to a Fiber Optic Backbone. Our slowest available account is a 256 kilobits per second. That makes browsing the web on our slowest connection about twenty times faster than the typical dial-up service available in this area.  And, it gets even faster than that!

Q: What is your coverage area?


Q: What equipment is needed?

A: Residential and Business Plans both require a minimum of 1 PC with an existing Ethernet Network Interface Card. Most computers built after 2000 and/or have Windows XP, will have a NIC built-in. Home networks or businesses require a router or switch (which can be provided for a minimal fee) to share connection to the multiple workstations.

Q: Is MtPalomar.Net a satellite connection like Wild Blue or Hughes Net?

A: NO.  MtPalomar.Net uses different technology than our satellite competitors as our system is all earth based and our signal doesn't have to travel out into space and back before it works.  Eliminating this long distance of travel in the signal makes our broadband connection faster and more reliable than that of many of our competitors.

Q: How secure is Wireless Broadband Technology?

A: Wireless is as secure as the Internet itself. Important data like credit card numbers are usually encrypted when you order something on the Internet and that same data will travel our network encrypted. Wireless Internet is no more likely to be hacked than any other type of Internet connection.

Q: Do I have to change my Internet Service Provider (ISP) and email address?

A: Yes. We will be your new ISP. If you want to keep your old email address, you can either continue to use your old address, or you can have your current ISP forward all your mail from your old address to your new one at MtPalomar.Net. If your email is through Google (gmail), Yahoo, AOL and many others, your account will function normally.

Q: Can I have more than one email address with my MtPalomar.Net account?

A: Yes. You can have up to 5 email addresses at no extra charge once your account is activated.

Q: Is Wireless Internet access unlimited?

A: Wireless Internet is a full-time connection. Your computer is connected 24 hours a day, 7days a week, 365 days a year.

Q: Does MtPalomar.Net charge by data transmitted?

A: No. Data transmission is unlimited. Our bandwidth manager allows us to moniter customer useage to make sure that our network remains strong and stable.

Q: I have more than one computer. Do I need more than one Wireless Internet installation?

A: No, but you will need an additional piece of equipment (a router or switch that we can provide to you) to complete the process. Our Residential Service package connects one computer to the Internet, but if your computers are connected via a network, our antenna will probably connect to it with some minor adjustments.

Q: How long will it take to install?

A: Once we have completed a site survey to pre-approve your site for wireless, the installation is usually completed within 5 working days. The actual on-site installation time can vary from 1-2 hours.

Q: What is the downside to Wireless Internet?

A: Wireless Internet requires direct line of sight from your site to one of our antennas. If you don't have line of sight (which is rare) you may not be able to use our service. Also, while our radio signals will travel through a wall, they most times will not travel through live plants and trees. During times of torrential downpours of 6" per hour or more, your speeds may decrease by up to 50%. Fortunately, this type of rain is very rare in our coverage areas. Wireless links are not affected by fog, smog, light snow or non-torrential rain.

Q: Is Wireless the same as satellite?

A: NO! Wireless uses ground-based antennas to transmit data to your location. Satellite uses a satellite TV type dish on your roof to communicate with a satellite that is in a stationary orbit. In order to get a stationary orbit on a satellite you have to put it up about 33,000 miles above the Earth. The problem with that, although most people think the speed of light is very fast, as far as data communications is concerned; if you have to go the speed of light up, down, up and back down again at 33,000 miles per trip, that is over 100,000 miles. The best case scenario that you’re going to get is about ¾ of a second. If you think about clicking a mouse and having to wait ¾ of a second before anything appears, you’re waiting. Satellite service has a Fair Access Policy (FAP) in their contracts, which means you are only allowed to download a restricted amount of information during an entire month. When you exceed that, they slow you down to a speed that is comparable to dial-up. With people streaming video and music and downloading software, it happens to all satellite customers these days. Some satellite companies will actually charge you overage fees. MtPalomar.Net does not have a Fair Access Policy. Usage is unlimited. We installed a new bandwidth manager about 6 months ago to track individual usage in the form of packets sent and received to ensure quality service for all of our customers. Our philosophy is that we ask our customers not to do anything that is going to harm the network or to be abusive on it. If someone was downloading 24-7 just because they could, we would talk to them about it.

Q: How much does Wireless Internet Service through MtPalomar.Net cost?

A: Click the Services button to browse our service plans.

Q: What does the equipment look like?

A: Our antennas are 12" x 12", 1" thick and can be painted to match the color of your home or business. See pictures of our equipment on our Equipment page.

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